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Nowadays, many of the people like to stream movies or videos online. No one wants to take time to download the movie and watch it later because it requires a lot of storage space and takes much time to download. There are many platforms available which allow people to stream their favorite movies, and videos online for free. But those who are streaming on Kodi platform, they may face Pair Kodi Activate Streaming Error Fix problems.

Here in this tutorial, we have come up with the solution for the Pair error. The is one of the popular high-end hosting sites which let its users access the unlimited online stream of movies, live streaming, Tv hosts and other videos. Basically, these types of sites are illegal and need to pair up with the user IP address in order to save their servers from the crash.

Due to heavy traffic on these sites, the servers may get down or crashed. If you are streaming on Kodi platform, you may see the unexpected shutdown of the screen and shows the error. By pairing, it enables the servers to filter, give access to limited users, doesn’t allow any leakage of their server bandwidth and keep them monetized regularly. The errors like a pair, pair or pair and more means they have to pair with the user IP address for secure online streaming. So check out the steps for Pair Kodi Activate Streaming Error Fix to solve the problem very easily. Pair Activate Streaming Authorisation Error Fix ( &

What is Pair Error Fix? pair is one of the best online streaming servers on Kodi which lets the user do unlimited streaming of videos, movies or others online. This site pop-up ads and redirects to another page in the browser which contains malware. Sometimes the user data might be in trouble if they click on that pop-up ads. Apart from this, if a person wants to stream movies or videos on these type of sites they have to pair their IP with the provider server. Pair Error Fix Pair Error Fix

Because many people will stream the movies or videos at a time and because of heavy traffic the server may get down and sometimes it will be crashed. To provide successful streaming, these sites have to pair with the user IP address. But doing such activity, it may lead to getting you in trouble. The same process will be on the Kodi platform also.

Why do you get Error Fix?

Most of the servers, including Exodus, are having the capacity to handle the limited number of users for online streaming. But once the limit has crossed and server touches its mark, it will not support any other new users.

In order to enhance the feature, these sites add some add-ons which will really break down the user server and this may lead to trouble. Through stream authorization, the user can go to the website and add their IP address to activate the streaming service.

Once the streaming is activated, the user can stream their favorite movies, videos, live streaming and many more up to four hours. But after four hours, they can do the same of authorization for online streaming for the next four hours.

Giving the IP address is a somewhat risky process. So be sure before you provide the IP address of yours.  The errors like a, pair, pair is common on the Kodi.

Sometimes these add-ons thevideo. I help the user to stream whatever they want through online properly. These add-ons are actually high-end servers which help the user to stream online videos without any lag. But when you use pair server, you may notice some error pop-ups. And because of that, you may not stream properly and you have to fix Pair Error Fix problem on Kodi.

Many will get confused or freak when they saw these type of errors while streaming. Don’t need to get worried, fixing Pair Error Fix problem is a very easy task. Just by following the simple steps which are furnished below, you can continue to watch your favorite videos and movies. The process is same for all these types of errors and can resolve smoothly without any hassles.

How to resolve Pair Error Fix?

Actually, two methods are there to fix this error. You can follow any of the below-mentioned methods of your choice and both methods can fix the error properly. The first method is as follows:

  • When you open any streaming sites like Kodi to watch a movie the pop-up will appear that shows a screen loading. For example, if you select server, you may get pop-up with error pair Kodi stream authorization. And it also displays a message of authorization has to be done to play the video.
  • Now to solve this error, just paste the page URL like on your browser. pair pair
  • Next, you will be redirected to official site and you can notice that your IP address will be displayed on the screen.
  • You find the Activate Streaming button just below your IP address and click on it. Pair Activate Streaming Pair Activate Streaming
  • Now you are authorized to stream on the site. But sometimes it asks to solve the captcha verification. Once you have done with that, you can continue your streaming. kosi streaming activated kodi streaming activated

Fixing the error through authorization (2nd method)

  • Go to the add-ons option available on your streaming site. Click on video add-ons and then you will find exodus option.

    Settings Menu Exoduc - pair & Pair Fix
    Settings Menu Exodus – pair & Pair Fix
  • Right-click in the exodus, and then select settings in that.
  • A new window will be prompted with various settings in it. Now click on Playback tab and then select Hosters with captcha. Turn this option and then click on ok.

    Exodus PlayBack tab
    Exodus PlayBack tab
  • Once you turn off the option and next time you no need to solve captcha verification and the video will start playing.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Pair

What is pair?

It is a free media storage service where one can upload large video files and can make them available to others.

Is this site free?

Yes. You can upload or watch any movies or videos without paying money.

What kind of video formats can be uploaded?

avi, MPEG, mov, DivX, XviD, 3gp, dat, mpg, flv, mkv, asf, mp4.


Hence this is the complete information regarding Pair activate streaming Error Fix problem. Hope you guys got enough details to solve the error. Just follow the steps from either of two methods to fix the error continue streaming your favorite content. If you have any queries, just drop them in the comment below.