Pair Kodi Activate Streaming Error Fix (100% Working)

Are you messed up with the distribution of the ads which occurs when you are selecting pair server with Kodi versions or any other other versions? Then you are on the correct platform. While you are watching a movie and got the pair error on the page and showing server have stopped, it’s really irritating right. For your convenience, we have furnished the steps to solve the Pair Kodi activate streaming Error Fix problem so that you can watch unlimited streaming.

It is actually a redirecting site for the and sites. So pairing process is also same for this site as the and Basically, the pairing process will be done due to heavy traffic on the site which may result in the server crashing or unexpected shutdown of the server. The error is also same on all the servers, where users have to pair their IP address to the provider server.

So this is the main reason to ask the authorization and have to pair the device to avoid the bulk traffic load on the server. In order to keep the server live for the whole day, the user has to take some time and complete the authorization process by pairing with the server. The process of pairing is very simple and one can easily pair their IP address by following the below steps. Pair Kodi Authorisation Error Fix –

What is Pair Error Fix?

As we said above, it is a redirecting site for the pair and pair sites. It is also similar to those sites where people can stream their favorite movies, videos, live streaming, Tv videos, PP videos and many more through online. For this site also, e user have to pair with the server by pairing their IP address. The providers ask for authorization to control the heavy traffic and prevent their site from crashing and saving their servers getting down.

But almost all these sites contain pirated content of movies, videos and many others. It is strictly against the law and it is an illegal act.

Before paring their IP address, one has to remember about the safety because it may lead to loss of your data. These types of sites come with inside pop-ups if anyone accidentally clicks on that pop-up the virus will be effected to your device.

Why do you get Pair Error Fix problem?

We can say that this is the common problem that most of the Kodi users facing. The movies, videos, PP videos and all other content present in the Kodi has to be streamed by the or or sites. Many people will show interest in watching online rather than downloading on their device due to high storage space and more download time. In order to avoid these, people visit online streaming sites to watch their favorite movies or videos.

By getting bulk traffic on the server, the user may face problems like the unexpected shutdown of the content or error in the server. To get rid of this problem, the service providers have come up with the stream authorization process. In this process, the user has to pair their IP address with the server by visiting the server site. After successful pairing, a user can enjoy the unlimited streaming for 4hours without any errors.

How to fix Pair Error Fix problem?

As we mentioned above, you get a pop-up notification that stream authorization is required to stream the content in the site. To avoid this problem, you need to pair your IP address with the server and after that your add-on will enable you to access your favorite content on the site.

The following are the step-by-step procedure to solve the Pair Error Fix issue.

  • While watching your favorite movie from the add-on’s provided in the Kodi software, you will receive a pop-up message showing to pair the IP address.
  • Now go to the browser on your device and add URL like in the search box.
  • Then you will redirect to the page where you can find your IP address already showing on the page.
  • On the homepage, you can find Activate Streaming option. Click on that option. Pair Fix Pair Fix
  • Now you need to solve the captcha and click on the active streaming button.
  • That’s it. Your IP address is now authenticated and can continue watching your favorite movie or videos.

Fixing Pair Error Fix problem on Kodi with add-on

  • Go to the add-on settings option.
  • Next click on the Playback option present on the left side.
  • Then select Hosters with captcha option and check whether it is turned off or not.
  • If it is not turned off, just turn off of it.
  • Next click on ok button and then you are done with fixing the error.

Frequently Asked Questions About the pair

What is pairing?

It is just as the process for verifying that you are not a robot.

How to do pairing process?

As we mentioned above, it is just adding your IP address.


If you are getting confused and want to pair your IP address to stop the unwanted interruption, just follow the above steps. Hope you guys got enough information related to pair error. If you are having any queries about the Kodi activate streaming error, feel free to drop them in the comment box below.

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